Live Your Life with Confidence and Pride

I help professional gay men live their happiest life beyond coming out.

I’m Dr Glenn Mason, a HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist specialising in LGBTQ+ mental health, trauma and chronic pain.

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Coming out can be challenging

My mission is to empower gay men to courageously connect to their true selves. I want to help you live your life with meaning and purpose, despite the challenges that you face along the way. I’m here to help you overcome anything that’s holding you back from reaching your full potential in your life.

I’ve been where you are. I know what it feels like to have to hide your true self. When you meet with me, you’ll be supported by someone who’s gone through the coming out process and worked through my own challenges that came with that.

Now I know that my sexuality is only one part of me and – I get to just be Glenn. In the past, I was totally consumed by my “secret” hiding this from others which led to high levels of anxiety.

I want to help you find your true self, so you can live your happiest life, authentically as you.

If you feel like you’re hiding your true self, and your world is becoming smaller, I’ll be able to support you to develop skills so that you can break free from the fear of visibility, and live your life with confidence and pride.

Ways I can support you

No matter what your individual experience has been coming out, I’ll help you process the events of your past so you can authentically embrace your future.

Coming out can be a distressing experience

I’m here to help learn to live a life worth living, authentically as yourself.

Maybe you’ve experienced bullying or physical or sexual assault

I will help you process what has happened and leave those events in the past.

Maybe you were rejected by friends or family

You thought they were safe and trustworthy. Now you’re not sure how to build trusting relationships.

Maybe you’re a survivor of conversion therapy

I want to help you to embrace who you are and live your best, fullest, and happiest life.

Coming out therapy

One-to-one therapy

If you’re looking for an affirming therapist who provides LGBTQ+ Therapy online, do get in touch.

Coaching and workshops

Coaching & Workshops

Attend a one-off workshop or coaching session to shift from surviving to thriving and reaching your full potential in life.


Attend one of our wellness retreats, which currently run at various locations in the UK and Ireland.

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