I’m Dr Glenn Mason and I help LGBTQ+ individuals live their life with confidence and pride, despite the challenges they face along the way.


Glenn is a psychologist that specialises in ‘coming out’ and works closely with people and their families, during what can be one of the most traumatic periods of their life.  He was invaluable as a both a consultant and contributor during the production of our ‘I’m Coming Out’ series for the BBC.

Cat Lewis

CEO & Executive Producer, Nine Lives Media

Glenn was a great, helpful contributor when I was writing about bi-curious teens for He repsonded promptly with well thought out, authoritive advice, which was just right for the feature. His advice was down to earth and jargon-free. He clearly knows his stuff!

Joanne Mallon

Freelance Journalist & Author

Glenn helped me with an article regarding the process of gender reassignment. He helped me to understand every stage of the process and enabled me to put together a report, which allowed our readers to engage with the subject. Glenn was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend him.

Ellie Henman

Journalist, Heat Magazine

*Important Note:
I trust the information and advice on this site will be beneficial to you, but it’s not a substitute if you are concerned about your current mental health. You should consult with your primary health care provider or mental health professional with any immediate concerns about your emotional health and well-being. If you are in crisis, please contact your family doctor, or out-of-hours service or attend your local emergency department.

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